Rosebud Farm Co. (RFC)

 is an agricultural business subsidiary of REDCO. RFC manages 1,441 acres of center pivot irrigated land and 400 acres of certified organic dryland farmland.  The irrigated acres are currently in year 3- of a 5-year plan to convert the entire acreage over to certified organic land.  Over the medium term, RFC will deliver value added products to market and expand the farming operation to 10,000 acres.

In addition to managing farmland, Rosebud Farm Co. will operate the Wolakota Regenerative Buffalo Range, home to what will be the largest Native-owned and managed buffalo herd in the world. To learn more about this project and support our efforts, please visit

HEMP Project

Hemp is a crop that meets a number of key goals of REDCO and the Rosebud Sioux Tribe (RST) including sustainable agriculture and food sovereignty.  As authorized under the 2018 Farm Bill, RFC plans to begin growing hemp for grain, fiber and extracts.  REDCO has worked with the RST to update tribal code to allow for RST regulated hemp cultivation and RST has submitted a plan to USDA for approval which is expected late spring 2020. RFC will focus on growing hemp using organic and regenerative practices and is seeking partners to for cultivation and processing projects.