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Sicangu CDC: Health, Food, Housing, Education

“We’ve launched four initiatives on the Rosebud to improve food, housing, education and health,” stated Mike Prate, Sicangu Community Development Corp. Director. “The creation of the CDC means we’ll be able to expand our work and impact, while empowering our community in new ways.” Wakanyaje Ki Tokeyahci Education Initiative Sage Fast Dog is working to establish a Kindergarten classroom for 12 students in 2020. A goal for the classroom is full immersion with co-teachers, one of whom would be an elder and fluent Lakota speaker. Sicangu Food Sovereignty Initiative (FSI) Mattheu Wilson is the Sicangu FSI Director. Current projects include an apprentice program where participants work both onsite and in the classroom. Housing initiative Sicangu CDC seeks to design prototypes for local energy efficient community homes. One option is to work with tribal citizens who already have a homesite to build directly on the 2.5 acres. We want to leverage our ability to get people into housing. The housing initiative includes structure design. Health Initiative The life expectancy on the Rosebud Reservation for men is 48 years old; women have a life expectancy of 58 years old. To increase these life expectancy ages by at least 10 years, we must focus is on changing our own individual mindset and lifestyle.

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