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Seeding 3 Sisters

Embracing a 3 Sisters Strategy (Rosebud Economic Development Corporation, Sicangu Community Development Corporation, Tatanka Fund) is a bold, innovative approach to nation building and community revitalization now underway on the Rosebud Reservation. For many Indigenous people of Turtle Island, the 3 Sisters represent corn, bean and squash seeds. When the 3 Sister seeds are planted together, usually in a mound, they support one another to grow and thrive into healthy crops to feed the people. The 3 Sisters – REDCO, Sicangu CDC, and Tatanka Fund – are strategizing to work collaboratively in the areas of tribal enterprise, community development and personal asset building. REDCO continues to be the umbrella organization for all subsidiaries. The management team and board work to support existing staff, programs and goals. Wizipan Little Elk is REDCO CEO. Sicangu CDC is working on a variety of community development projects. These include food, housing, health and education. Mike Prate is the Director of the Sicangu Community Development Corporation. Tatanka Fund Our Community Development Financial Institute (CDFI) works with other non-profits to provide technical support for entrepreneurs and potential homeowners who seek financing. Shere is the Development Officer. To learn more about the 3 Sisters Strategy, visit

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