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Mitakuyepi, At REDCO, our team works hard to find innovative ways to improve quality of life for all our people. Our work is a team effort. In Lakota, we say Tawaci Wanjinla, to have one heart and one mind in order to achieve a goal. This is key to our collective future, whether its long-germ planning or immediate COVID-19 response. The global pandemic has hit Rosebud and there is uncertainty about our future. When the future is dark we must look to the light of the past to chart our course ahead. Our ancestors left clues for us. Sometimes they straight up left us prophesies. Planning ahead and taking care of each other with love and respect is critical. We all must try to embody these values: Working together; long-term planning, and; caring for one another. Last month we transitioned most of our employees to working from home, with the exception of essential employees who’s work is critical to the operation of our nation: • Rosebud Construction: Most of our work is on critical infrastructure for the Tribe, including the hospital, planning for emergency facilities, and housing. • Rosebud Office Solutions: we help keep the Tribe running with critical supplies for other essential employees. • Sicangu Propane: Even though the weather is warming people still need propane for heating and cooking. • Rosebud Facility Management: Offices and other facilities need regular deep cleans now more than ever. I’m incredibly thankful for the hard work and risk that our women and men are taking on. Our other work continues, just in different ways. We’ve gone completely online. Videoconferencing is now a new work normal and shared work platforms allows us to continue work as teams. Adaptability allows us to achieve our goals under any circumstance. We realize it is a difficult time for everyone all over the world. COVID-19 has taken the lives of many across the globe and the sickness continues to spread across the country at an unbelievable rate. It can be difficult to shelter in place for months on end. We are social beings at heart and our children are especially struggling with being isolated at home. The cancellation of classes and sports for the remainder of the school year will isolate our school children even more. This is where we must remember our Lakota law of Wowacintanka – perseverance. As Lakota we will persevere and use our hearts and minds to overcome anything, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable. Our ancestors overcame genocide, boarding schools, the 1918 Spanish Influenza pandemic. By putting our Tawacin together, planning for the future, and caring for each other we can not only overcome this pandemic, but build an even better world. Wopila, Wizipan

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