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Lakolya Waoniya -  Lakota Language Educator

Wakanyeia kin lakol inajin heca nake nula waun welo.

Our vision is that our people will stand with everything Lakota and will be prepared to take on anything! The Lakolya Waoniya project is working to revitalize these principles of Lakota education and language fluency with a modern context.

Tribal members will gain fluency in the Lakota language while learning through principles and philosophies of Lakota values. We believe that our people living on the Rosebud Reservation deserve an opportunity for professional development created with their identities and success in mind.

Scope of Responsibility:

The Lakota Educator will demonstrate the Lakota wicohan na Lakoliyapi for the Lakolya Waoniya program and classroom culture. Lakota Educator will take lead in commutative speech for all lessons, collaborate with staff to create lessons, and assess the Lakota language development of participates.

Mission Statement: 

As Lakota, we believe we are all related and it is our duty to make the world better for future generations. 

At REDCO we do this by creating amazing leaders who run great organizations.

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