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Lakota Foods Coordinator

Scope of Responsibility:

The Lakota Foods Coordinator (LFC) is responsible for increasing the use of local and traditional foods among the Sicangu Oyate. Specifically, the LFC is responsible for managing the school kitchen for Wakanyeja Tokeyahci, including meal planning and preparation, ordering supplies and foods, and cooking and preparing school meals throughout the school year.


The LFC will work closely with the CDC Food Sovereignty Initiative (FSI) staff to include the use of wild harvested and locally produced goods within school meals. In addition, the LFC will create engagement  opportunities for school families, such as cooking classes, and will assist the help of school with administrative duties. During the non-school summer months, the LFC with work with the FSI Director to plan summer Indigenous and local foods programming for the larger community to promote the greater use of indigenous
and tribally produced foods.

About Wakanyeja Tokeyachi:

WT is the only fully immersive Lakota elementary school on the Rosebud Reservation.

By contextualizing education through a Sicangu Lakota lens and utilizing project based learning techniques and individualized plans, we will create an educational system that works for our students and our community. 

About Food Sovereignty Initiative

The goal of the Sicangu FSI is to spark a prairie fire movement food movement to Indigenize our food system. They do this by increasing local production, improving food access, and sharing knowledge.

Mission Statement: 

As Lakota, we believe we are all related and it is our duty to make the world better for future generations. 

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