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Keya Wakpala Development Manager

Scope of Responsibility:


The Keya Wakpala Woíçageyapi Development Manager
is on the front lines of building a vibrant 22nd Century
Lakota community that brings together business,
housing, and public spaces and resources to increase the
health and wealth of the Sicangu Oyate and their
The Development Manager will drive forward Phase 1
development at the site, including overseeing the design
and construction of 20 new homes, the design and
construction of the Sicangu Innovation Center, and the
finalization of the Phase 1 site design and infrastructure
planning. Additionally, through ongoing community
engagement and fundraising efforts, new development
will be identified and created to support community
health and wellness, now, and 7 generations into the

Mission Statement: 

As Lakota, we believe we are all related and it is our duty to make the world better for future generations. 


At REDCO we do this by creating amazing leaders who run great organizations.

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