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Updates and Press Releases

Please direct all media inquiries for REDCO, Sicangu CDC, and Tatanka Funds to:

Aaron Epps, Marketing and Communications Director

Council Reports

Each month, REDCO provides the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council with update. Here you will find the most recent report that was provided to the Tribal Council as well as the board members for REDCO, Sicangu CDC, and Tatanka Funds. 

Annual Reports

2019 Report

Yet another year of rapid growth for our team! We grew from 33 to 57 employees and reached a new level of profitability, which allowed us to expand our community development work.

2017-18 Report

"The impossible is possible. I cannot tell how many times people have told me something can't be done, and we just go out and do it. Our vision of a sustainable Lakota economy where everyone prospers is happening."

2016-17 Report

In 2016, we broke every revenue and profit record for the organization and were able to move from breaking even to profitability, while making major community development contributions.

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